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Leonard Cohen after world

El Topo
6 December 1977
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Watch my films on youtube, keyword search: "Until the last time" and "Hands without Mirrors".

Inevitable death and our agony to attain Utopia have made existence a form of pathology. We are left with the secret need for redemption which few of us will understand or witness. This need still lives in acts of love, courage and art.
-Joel-Peter Witken

Beauty Shall Be Convulsive Or It Shall Not Be.
-Andre Breton

No one has ever written, modeled, acted, sculpted, built or painted for any reason but to get out of hell.

I've decided to come back to LJ for some reason. I'm currently saving money to go to Portland.

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coffee (128582)
nirvana (123633)
photography (322185)
radiohead (106431)
writing (487319)
david bowie (54478)
dreams (83594)
literature (61245)
marilyn manson (53012)
mythology (58333)
philosophy (94281)
psychology (87096)
tool (69505)
adult swim (38993)
air (18085)
alice in chains (19690)
aphex twin (12951)
beck (24502)
bjork (44330)
blur (15579)
david lynch (13061)
existentialism (11484)
freaks (10841)
inside jokes (14389)
interpol (33118)
joy division (24019)
kurt vonnegut (13618)
massive attack (13458)
rolling stones (13408)
seinfeld (16619)
simpsons (33794)
skinny puppy (15311)
sonic youth (17421)
the flaming lips (12953)
the mars volta (28461)
tom waits (13136)
velvet underground (12004)
violent femmes (10069)
bill hicks (5271)
camus (2748)
carnivale (2612)
catharsis (1369)
chaucer (1193)
coil (2829)
crispin glover (1517)
dada (3814)
dali (6816)
dante (3527)
dario argento (1719)
dark crystal (1479)
david cronenberg (1312)
dostoyevsky (1188)
film making (3309)
francis bacon (1036)
horror films (7061)
ingmar bergman (1193)
joseph campbell (1618)
leonard cohen (7086)
man ray (1528)
ministry (9244)
mr. show (3559)
nick cave (9213)
nico (3777)
noam chomsky (3733)
peter gabriel (4269)
progressive rock (2332)
pulp (8333)
samuel beckett (1332)
sartre (2774)
sigmund freud (1050)
silent films (3134)
strangers with candy (4186)
terry gilliam (4067)
tommy (1740)
upright citizens brigade (1932)
van gogh (8478)
ween (4747)
wes anderson (8778)
william blake (4024)
william s. burroughs (3205)
aldus huxley (51)
alexandro jodorowsky (56)
andrei tarkovsky (399)
artaud (208)
brothers quay (444)
caravagio (11)
conrad (245)
desperate living (154)
donald cammell (14)
epilepsy (416)
f.w. murnau (120)
fellini (948)
film snobs (16)
forbidden zone (171)
fritz lang (821)
german expressionist (11)
goddard (87)
greek tragedies (92)
guy maddin (215)
harmony korine (919)
hawkwind (333)
heliophobia (42)
helper monkeys (66)
herzog (80)
howard hughes (176)
jean cocteau (593)
jet packs (46)
joel-peter witkin (544)
karl jung (42)
karlheinz stockhausen (141)
ken russell (95)
klaus kinski (318)
ligeti (121)
liquid sky (215)
lorca (335)
lucian freud (217)
maya deren (269)
nicolas roeg (42)
night gallery (113)
noir desir (239)
oliver reed (69)
parasomnia (18)
peter greenaway (690)
prometheus (157)
prosopagnosia (37)
return to oz (779)
robert walser (37)
sam fuller (43)
sam peckinpah (136)
schadenfreude (861)
secret of nimh (229)
soviet propaganda (41)
swift (408)
the make up (347)
the void (222)
tod browning (118)
triumph the insult comic (20)
vermeer (824)
damocles (3)
disturbing children's films (1)
inverses (6)
nympholepsy (6)
prophecies of dead religions (1)
scavenger films (1)
sergie eisenstein (1)
shade and shadow (1)
soviet films (8)
tod haynes (2)
uranophobia (5)

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